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Love how easy it was to download and create. Thank you!

You're welcome. I'm pleased you found the trifold program easy to download and create.

Beach Funeral Welcome Sign

Thank you for your review.

Celebration of Life

The template was super user friendly and turned out great. I sent the PDF to FedEx and it printed without issue.

That's great to hear you were happy with how user friendly the template was and thank you for sharing about FedEx as a good printing option.

8 page Beach wave

I had trouble with the word placements and picture placements. Needed more instructions

Hello. I'm sorry you had trouble placing your words and pictures on the templates. for more instructions on how to add and edit text and pictures to your funeral program, please see Video 1 on our How To Edit Page here:

If you prefer written instructions, included with your purchase is a downloadable Help Guide which has instructions on how to edit and print your funeral program.

Please let me know if the video or help guide don't solve your problem and you still need help. You can contact me here:

With thanks,

User Friendly

The template came with detailed written and visual instructions. Very user friendly, and the price was bright. Very satisfied.

I'm pleased you found the written and visual instructions helpful and were satisfied with your template.

It was hard to type, it didn’t keep the borders still it kept moving & changing

I’m sorry you found it hard to type. The text boxes in this template are set up in front of the background image so to start editing the text, you need to click on the text once to select the text box (a thin lined box will appear around the text to show it’s been selected) and then click again to start writing or deleting the sample text.

If you accidentally select and move the background image, (which includes the borders) you can either click undo (the left facing arrow at the top of your screen) or ctrl + Z on your keyboard to undo the move and revert the image and borders back to the correct position. You can also reposition the background image by clicking near the edge of the page where there isn’t a text box, e.g., the top left-hand corner and then click and drag to move the image back to the middle of the page.

Please let me know if you need any more help with editing your template by contacting me here:

With thanks,

Just what I needed

The template was fairly easy to use and the final product, just back from the printer is excellent. Very happy with the quick customer service reply to an email question. Only error on my part was doing the first draft on the wrong size paper. 81/2 x 11 for US, not A4.

I'm pleased to hear you were happy with how the final product turned out and that I was able to help you edit the correct size version of the template for your US Letter size (8.5 x 11 inch) paper.

The Special Added Touch

Everybody was commenting it was the nicest brochure they had ever seen. This was for my 95 year old mother’s funeral, so her friends and pastors have been to quite a few funerals.
Her main photo was in lavender and blue, so the brochure perfectly matched. The clarity was crisp with zero pixilation. People were very happy with the prayer cards, especially knowing we had used my moms favorite verses. I used Word formatting to add small frames around each photo for a more refined look. I also changed the fonts, using dark magenta and dark green for all lettering. (Great Vibes and Marcella)
The only hiccup was my own fault. I didn’t know A4 paper was a tad smaller than the standard 8.5x11 inches. The print shop wanted a lot of $ to trim so I did that myself. It also caused the outside and inside to not align, so I couldn’t trim to the edge of flowers, thus having a white border. A bit of a matter for an artist like myself who likes perfection, but nobody else would have noticed unless it was pointed out. Even with the white border, I preferred the scaled down size and proportion after cutting 1/4” off the top and bottom.
I also purchased Share a Memory cards with signage. Nice it required no editing. I would really prefer this to have been four per page rather than two. Again, print shops charge exorbitant prices for printing and trimming, and with a funeral there are already a lot of expenses and other things to get done without needing to cut a hundred cards, which I did. Having four per page, or at least that option would saved money in printing as well as time cutting. We didn’t want an open mic during the service, as that might have gone on forever, so the cards were a good substitute for that, and a keepsake. Tip: They were handed out as people were arriving. In hindsight, I would have put one in each brochure, and extras at each table while people ate lunch and had more time to think and write.
Overall, I would highly recommend. The video tutorial was helpful, and in a time of bereavement with sooooo much to do, having ready made templates saved me a lot of hours.
Additionally, the download was a breeze.
Many thanks for providing this service. Would definitely recommend and use again. Much prettier option than other companies offered. People loved the watercolor flowers.

Thank you for your detailed review of your Program, Prayers Cards and Share a Memory Sign and Cards. I'm pleased you were able to edit the templates to create the look you wanted and were happy with the quality and ease of downloading the products. Included with your purchase was a Letter size (8.5 x 11 inches) program template, as well as the A4 size (210 x 297 mm) template you used, which is a UK and international paper size. If your printer is able to print borderless, you shouldn't need to do any trimming, as long as you use the Letter size template for printing on 8.5 x 11 inch paper. I'm sorry you had to spend extra time and effort trimming the A4 programs, rather than using the Letter size program.

Thank you as well for your feedback on how to improve the Share a Memory Cards and your tip on when and how to distribute them.

Thank You

This template was easy to use, very professional, and easy to print.
Thank you.

You're welcome. I'm pleased you found the template easy to use and print.


It was great, received compliments

I'm pleased you liked the template.

Great Templates

I had no idea that you could match an obituary with the prayer card that was an excellent idea the family loves it!

I'm pleased you found a matching prayer card for your program and that the family liked it.

Simple and easy

Thank you for turning a somewhat daunting task simple and easy!

You're welcome. I'm glad you found the template easy to use.

Photo Collage Funeral Welcome Sign

Thank you for your review.

Funeral template

This really helped in times of need and frustration. Thank you.

You're welcome. I'm glad to hear the slide show template helped you during this difficult time.

Great template

I was a little confused at first but I was able to figure it out. Once I figured it out it was a piece of cake. They came out beautiful.

I'm pleased to hear you were happy with how the programs came out.


This template was an absolute life saver! I was able to create a beautiful program for a memorial service in under 30 minutes.

That's great to hear you were pleased with the template and were able to create your program so quickly.

4 Page Funeral Template

Very easy to navigate and customize as I wanted. No issues downloading and working in Microsoft Word. Able insert my photos and background I created for the funeral program.

I'm glad you found the program template easy to download and customize to your liking in Word.


I'm pleased you were satisfied with your template.

Your templates were a “life-saver” and my family was impressed—even my hard/__ __ __ older brother! Thank you ever so much!!!

You're welcome. I'm pleased your family liked the template.

Very easy to use

This came in handy for my brother's obit. He was a once a pro baseball player and this worked for what I needed. Very easy to use and I also bought into the templates and able to customize it for my needs. Thank You for creating this.

You're welcome. I'm pleased you found it easy to customize your program with this photo collage template.

Super easy to use

This template was super easy to use and each poster printed up beautifully! Thank you for helping me make a lovely remembrance item.

You're welcome. It's great to hear the posters were easy to use and printed out well for you.

VEry Beautiful, very simple to design

I'm pleased you like the template and found it simple to use.

Lovely Template and easy to use

I'm happy to hear the template was easy to use.

Matt was super helpful

It came out beautiful & the design was incredible. Matt was super helpful when I had an issue & got back to me right away. I got so many compliments on how this came out. It's a great touch for any funeral or memorial service.

I'm glad I could help resolve your issue quickly and that you received many compliments on how the photo display turned out.

Photo Collage Insert
Dorothy Freeman

Photo Collage Insert

Thank you for your review.