Embracing the Legacy with Memorial Keepsakes

Memorial keepsakes are a tangible connection to those we've lost, allowing us to honor and remember them in a physical form. These items, whether they're cards or other objects, become cherished possessions that carry the weight of memories, stories, and emotions. They're not just about remembering the past; they're about keeping the spirit of loved ones alive for the future.

Giving a memorial keepsake

The Journey of Remembrance Cards

Remembrance cards have evolved from simple memory tokens to more elaborate and personalized keepsakes. They serve as a direct reflection of the person being honored, often customized with heartfelt messages, meaningful images, and quotes that speak to the loss. Each card is a tangible representation of a life and a relationship, holding a special place in the hearts of those who receive them.


Crafting Meaningful Remembrance Cards

Personalization at Its Core

Creating a remembrance card is a personal act, one that involves selecting elements that truly represent the individual's life and essence. The process is about more than just design; it's about capturing the person's spirit in a lasting way. Every choice, from paper texture to typography, is made with intention and care, resulting in a unique tribute to the individual.

Crafting a remembrance card using a funeral template

With Love and Care

At Funeral Templates, we're committed to helping families create remembrance cards that are a true reflection of their loved ones. Our range of Share a Memory Cards, Bookmarks and Prayer Cards are designed to meet various needs and preferences, ensuring that each family can find something that feels right for them. We're here to support you through this part of the healing process, providing a way to craft a legacy that's as unique as the life it represents.

Share a Memory Cards and Sign

If you have any questions about our templates or need help with editing or printing your cards, please contact us here and we’d be happy to help you.


The Role of Funeral Prayer Cards in Memorial Practices

A Comforting Presence

Funeral prayer cards are a special kind of remembrance card focused on spiritual significance. They often include prayers or verses that offer comfort to grieving people, acting as a source of solace and peace during a difficult time.

Funeral Prayer Cards

Our Funeral Prayer Cards have space for a photo of your loved one on the front, plus a short quote or verse below their name and dates. The back of the card is often used to write a prayer but the text is fully editable so you can add whatever you feel would be most fitting or use the sample text included, which reads:

A Life Well Lived
“A life well lived is a precious gift, of hope and strength and grace, from someone who has made our world a brighter better place.
It’s filled with moments sweet and sad with smiles and sometimes tears, with friendships formed and good times shared, and laughter through the years.
A Life well lived is a legacy, of joy and pride and pleasure, a living, lasting memory our grateful hearts will treasure.”


Everlasting Memories

Prayer cards are valued keepsakes for many, serving as a lasting reminder of the person's life and the shared experiences. They're often kept for years, treasured as a part of personal and family history.

We offer prayer cards in two sizes: 4.25 x 2.5-inch, and a smaller 3.5 x 2-inch card.

The larger prayer card template prints double-sided on one sheet of Letter size paper (or A4 paper) and has four prayer cards per sheet. When cut out, the finished size of each prayer card is 4.25 inches (length) x 2.5 inches (width).

Classic Funeral Prayer Card (4.25 x 2.5 inches)

View Classic Funeral Prayer Card (4.25 x 2.5 inches)

Classic Funeral Prayer Card Template


The smaller template also prints double-sided on one sheet of Letter size paper (or A4 paper) but has six prayer cards per sheet. When cut out, the finished size of each prayer card is 3.5 inches (length) x 2 inches (width).

Pink Rose Funeral Prayer Card 3.5 x 2 inch

View Pink Rose Funeral Prayer Card (3.5 x 2 Inches)

The Considerate Exchange of Condolence Cards

Sympathy Expressed with Dignity

The act of giving condolence cards is a time-honored way to show empathy and support. These cards are a meaningful expression of shared grief and an acknowledgement of loss.

Condolence cards or bereavement cards, can either be distributed to guests at the funeral service or mailed after the event. This is a particularly thoughtful way to include friends and family who couldn’t make it to the service, and the condolence card could be mailed together with a thank you card or copy of the funeral program as keepsakes to be treasured for years to come.

Funeral Thank You Cards

Share a Memory Cards: Honoring the Story of a Life

A Tapestry of Memories

Share a Memory cards, also called Tribute cards celebrate an individual's life story, highlighting the unique journey and experiences that defined them. Funeral guests write special memories of your loved one on individual cards that you can keep and treasure forever.

As these cards encourage the sharing of personal memories and stories, they create a sense of shared history and connection among those who knew the person. Our Share a Memory cards are 6x4 inches and come with an 8 x 10-inch sign that can be positioned next to the cards on a table at the service. Both the sign and cards are non-editable PDF files so all you need to do is download the files after purchase, then print and trim the cards to size.

Share a Memory Cards for Funeral

The Integral Nature of Funeral Stationery

Guiding the Memorial Journey

Funeral stationery, including remembrance cards, programs, and memory cards, plays a key role in the funeral service, helping to guide attendees through the emotional process and serving as a record of the day.

Choosing the right funeral stationery is important; it should reflect the tone of the service and the personality of the person who has passed. Funeral Templates offers a range of designs and matching templates to ensure the stationery is a fitting tribute, plus excellent customer service to support you in the process of creating the perfect stationery for your loved one’s service.

Order of service funeral templates collections

View our Collection of Funeral Stationery Templates Here

In Closing: The Timeless Value of Remembrance Cards

Keepsakes of the Heart

Remembrance cards and memorial keepsakes are significant elements of the grieving process, providing a way to hold onto memories and honor the life of someone missed.

Funeral Templates is dedicated to helping you find the right memorial keepsakes to honor your loved one, with a selection designed to respect and celebrate their memory.

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