How to edit your Funeral Template

Video 1 - How to edit your funeral program (for programs with photo collages set up with green boxes, see Video 2)


Video 2 - How to add photos to your funeral program using the Shape Fill Tool in Microsoft Word


Video 3 - How to add photos to your funeral poster using the Shape Fill Tool in Microsoft PowerPoint

If you would like a written instruction guide on how to edit your funeral program template (with green boxes) click this link: Help Guide 1

For funeral program templates without green boxes, click this link for a written guide: Help Guide 2

FAQ's about editing and printing

What software/program do I need to edit the template?

You can edit the Funeral Programs, Prayer Cards, BookmarksInvitations and Thank You Cards using Microsoft Word on a desktop or laptop computer. Microsoft Word is available for PC or Mac (the Mac version is called 'Microsoft Word for Mac'). Please note: The files will not load or edit properly with Google Docs, Mac Pages, Open Office or free Microsoft Word apps. 

You can edit the Funeral Welcome Signs, Slide Shows and Photo Displays using Microsoft PowerPoint on a desktop or laptop computer. Microsoft PowerPoint is available for PC or Mac (the Mac version is called 'Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac').

If you don't have Microsoft Word or PowerPoint (or have an older version), Microsoft usually offer a 1-month free trial of Office 365, which includes the latest full version of Word and PowerPoint. Click here to find out more about the free trial of Microsoft Office. 

Can I add more text?

Yes. All the text is editable so you can edit, move, or delete any of the text. To add any additional text boxes, it's best to copy and paste one that is already in the template as it has been set up correctly. 

Can I add more photos?

Yes. All the photos are editable so you can replace them with your own, add more or delete them. Included with your template files is a help guide with step by step instructions on how to do this.

How do I change the large title on the front page of my program?

Some large titles on the front page of the programs are inserted as JPEGs (picture files) and the text is not editable, but you can delete it and type your own title.

Do you offer an editing service?

Yes. If you would like us to edit your template for you, we offer a professional editing service. Simply send us your photos and text and we'll send you a print ready PDF of your edited template ready for you to print at home or a print shop. Click here for our editing service prices and options.

How do I prepare my template to print at a print shop?

To prepare your template for print at a print shop, you just need to save it as a PDF and check that the PDF looks good on screen. If it looks good on screen you're ready to take it to the printer. There is no need to do a test print at home because most print shops have good commercial printers and are able to print documents successfully on a 'borderless' printer from a PDF. If in doubt, check with the print shop that they are able to print borderless documents (print to the very edge of the page).

Where can I print my template?

Funeral Templates has partnered with Prints of Love, a 5-star rated print shop, to provide you with fast, high-quality yet affordable printing plus FREE shipping within the US. Click this referral link to receive free US shipping, free envelopes, and excellent customer service:


Prints of Love Print Shop


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On my home printer my program is printing with a white border, how do I print without it?

When printing on a home printer, to print the program without a white border you need to select the option 'borderless' in the print settings when you click 'File' and 'Print' in Microsoft Word. ('Borderless’ is a printer option you can select that allows you to print to the edge of the paper). If you can’t find the ‘borderless’ setting, check if your printer has this option by looking at the manual or googling the printer model. If your printer doesn't have the ‘borderless’ setting, and you don’t want a border, you can either trim the edges off after printing or save the program as a PDF and print it on a printer that has the ‘borderless’ setting.

How do I save my program as a PDF on my PC?

Go to File > Page Setup and select ‘0’ for all margins.
Or go to Layout > Margins > Custom Margins and enter ‘0’ for all margins. 

How do I save my program as a PDF on my Mac?
Latest versions of Word for Mac:
File > Page Setup and select Paper Size > US Letter > ‘US Letter borderless’
Or select Paper Size > A4 > ‘A4 borderless’ (depending on your program size).

Older version of Word for Mac: 

Select File > Page Setup
Select Format For > Any Printer and Paper Size > Manage Custom Sizes
Click on the ‘+’ sign and type a descriptive name, like ‘Edge to Edge’
Select Non-Printable Area > User Defined and enter ‘0’ in top, bottom, left and right boxes and click ok.

My template is printing in the wrong colour/is very faded. What do I do?
Please check your screen first. If the template is appearing in the correct colour on screen, it should print this colour on a working printer with plenty of ink. Please check your printer cartridge and replace it if it’s low on ink. If there’s still a problem, try a test print on another printer or save your files as a PDF and print at a print shop like Prints of Love.

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