How to Display Pictures at a Funeral

Funerals are a time for family and friends to come together to remember and celebrate the life of a loved one. As part of the service, photos of the deceased are often displayed to help honor the life they lived. While displaying photos at a funeral can be a meaningful way to remember the deceased, it can also be a difficult task. Here are some tips to help you display pictures at a funeral.

Choose the Right Photos

When selecting photos to display at a funeral, it’s important to choose photos that reflect the life of the deceased. Photos should be meaningful and capture moments that your loved one was proud of or enjoyed. For example, a special anniversary or moment when they were recognised for a life achievement. Photos with family and friends can also be a great way to honor their memory, especially with people they were closest to. It’s also a good idea to choose photos that are appropriate for the funeral setting to avoid any embarrassment.

Family photo to display at a funeral

Choose a Suitable Display

Once you’ve chosen the photos, it’s time to decide how you’d like to display them. A popular option is to create a memorial table display where photos can be positioned on or around a table next to mementos and other items that were important to your loved one. You can also use the table to share memories and stories about the deceased by including a guestbook or a Share a Memory Sign and Cards. This is a special way to help family and friends remember and celebrate their life by writing down memories of your loved one on cards or in a guestbook.

Share a Memory Sign and Cards

Larger Photo Displays are becoming more popular as these can incorporate a greater number of pictures, often collated as photo collages, and printed on card or foam boards. A common size for these photo display posters is 24 x 36 inches with three or more posters placed on easels around the table or in a prominent place such as next to the casket. Due to the size of these photo boards, it’s best to get them printed at a professional printer such as Prints Of Love.

Classic Funeral Photo Display
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If you’d like to welcome your funeral service guests with a single large photo, or another photo collage of your loved one, then a funeral welcome sign in often well-received. These are also commonly printed 24 x 36 inches but are available in smaller sizes such as 16 x 20 inches and 8 x 10 inches.

Funeral Welcome Signs

Use a Slideshow Presentation 

An excellent way to display additional pictures at a funeral is to use a slideshow presentation with a projector or large TV screen. The easiest way to create a professional looking funeral slideshow is to use a template. All the slides are pre-prepared with a background of your choice, space for photos and even slide transitions so all you need to do is insert your photos and any text you’d like and it’s ready to play at the service.

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However you choose to display your photos at a funeral, it will be a meaningful way to remember, honor and celebrate the life of your loved one.

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